Surcoats & Tunics by Faire Leather

Surcoats are custom made to fit you! After you have decided on color and style, length, size, etc. Contact Us and we'll discuss your order. Our Surcoats, Battle Tunics and Vests are crafted in the style of the very Early Medieval period Man at Arms, Lord or Knight. Later Renaissance styles can be ordered as well!

Green Shirt with Surcoat Blue Shirt with Surcoat

They are laced together by hand as was the method used during the early period.

Surcoats Shoulder Detail

This is the shoulder detail of this particular Surcoat. Notice that the collars edge is also finished with an inverted roll and laced to make it more comfortable against the skin. This was done to prevent irritation to the neck. Lace on sleeves are also available

Surcoat Shoulder Detail

This view of the front shows the braided laces that this customer requested to close the front of the surcoat. The ties are anchored by brass shanked buttons and finish off this piece nicely. Surcoats, Tunics and Vests are all made from chrome tanned leather, so color will be dependent on availability. Black and Medium Brown are almost always available! Oil tanned leathers are incredibly cool for Battle Tunics as they are much heavier in weight and take the wear and abuse beautifully.

By the way, the beautiful shirt in the photo was crafted by the Lady Dra, and is obviously not included with the Surcoat. But if you wish to purchase one, you may do so at her website by clicking this link. House of Dra Or, see her at one of the many Renaissance Faires that she attends!!

Surcoat Detail Front

Surcoats from the Later Renaissance Period were normally hand stitched at the shoulder with finished edges, and generally had some type of trim. All Surcoats are split front, back and both sides so as not to hinder your movements while astride your horse, with the sides having laces you may adjust the Surcoat for a custom fit. These are generously cut garments to provide room for mail and gambeson if worn, so please take that into consideration when ordering. This particular Surcoat was distressed at the owners request to give it the appearance of a much older garment. Contact Us for pricing.