Well Met Good Traveler,

Have you been searching for something unique? Do you grow weary of all the cookie cutter merchants that all offer the same look and poor quality merchandise that unfortunately has become the norm? Then rest easy, the gods have smiled upon you and your long quest is complete! You have discovered Faire Leather. Where you have only your imagination to limit your choices!

Faire Leather crafts unique period correct leather goods of unusually high quality and craftsmanship in the style of the Early & Mid Medieval Period, all the way to the Early Renaissance. Or from about the 7th to 15th centuries. Allowing you to put the finishing touch on that persona that you have worked so hard to nurture and develop.

Contrary to the popular belief of many self-professed "experts", the term "Period" does not mean primitive! Thousands of items recovered from excavations reveal a sophistication and level of craftsmanship that toss that attitude in the rubbish bin! Objects of this period were beautifully crafted, and quite innovative in function for their time.

For the re-enactor, or Faire participants who are serious about the quality of the items they purchase, you will find Faire Leather to be your Merchant of choice. I invite you to look around and view examples of my work. Custom work is always encouraged!

If your desire is to find the least expensive items available, then Faire Leather is probably not for you. However, if you happen to have been blessed with a more discriminating taste, and an eye for a higher quality item that has been hand crafted just for you, then please look over my wares, and do not hesitate to Contact Us.